Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twelfth Grade Kills by Heather Brewer

Twelfth Grade Kills (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, #5)Twelfth Grade Kills by Heather Brewer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off, look at the cover. If I hadn't been hyped after reading ELEVENTH GRADE BURNS there's no way I wouldn't have been after seeing this cover for the fifth, and final book of the series.

I'll start off with saying that I picked up Vlad Tod a little late in the game, and honestly wasn't too sold. I mean, he starts off at the end of middle school, so I expected cutesy right off the bat. Then NINTH GRADE SLAYS got a little better... and then TENTH GRADE BLEEDS got even a little MORE better... and then holy crap... I read ELEVENTH GRADE BURNS and was completely head over heels for the plot. I honestly loved letting Vlad grow on me. It was entertaining to watch him grow up and to see him develop into the Pravus. So, needless to say once I got to the end of the fourth book in the series, I was completely sold for the fifth. How was Brewer going to end this? How was it going to pan out for Vlad and his friends? I NEEDED to know the answers...

And now, after reading it I can honestly say that I'm a little disappointed. Brewer totally rushed it. It starts off with a bang, for sure, but then add in a completely unexpected, and let's be honest, completely unbelievably bogus twist! I couldn't stomach it. And what's more she barely develops it, barely glosses over the weight of what happens there! After that initial loop, it seemed like the rest of the story was falling into place exactly how it should have and exactly like I was hoping it would. And then... horrors... She rushes towards the end and patches everything up so haphazardly I was completely NOT sold.

I still love Vlad. And I think that this had the makings of a great story. Unfortunately it was butchered by the fact that it wasn't long enough. 325 pages is NOT long enough to cover what this series has been building itself up to since day one. I don't know what happened... I just know that it is extremely sad how off track this went. I only hope that my alternate ending- wait no, scratch that, alternate explanation for SEVERAL things leading up to the ending can overshadow what I just read...

I gave it four stars anyway though... ELEVENTH GRADE BURNS totally saved this one from becoming a three star burn out...

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