Thursday, September 30, 2010

Torment by Lauren Kate

Just finished this one. I've been waiting all year to read it and now I have to wait until summer for the next one. Not fair...

Torment (Fallen, #2)Torment by Lauren Kate

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Did I like this book? Yes. Could it have been better? Probably...

When I first started TORMENT I was confused... At the end of FALLEN Daniel insists that she go to some cabin and stay out of the lime light for a little while, but in the beginning of TORMENT he decides to take her to California to some school called Shoreline where she'll supposedly be safe. Psh! When will they figure out that trouble doesn't just find Luce, but Luce constantly looks for trouble? That was one of the things that annoyed me the most. No matter how many times someone told her to lay low and stay safe that she'd only be at Shoreline temporarily apart from Daniel, yada yada, she still made sure that she constantly did the opposite. She wasn't extremely smart in this book.

Her relationship with Daniel was tested as well. Every single time they see each other in TORMENT it's make out session first, then just one more fight before he flies off again. You could feel how taxing that was for Luce, and you could definitely see how much it was hurting Daniel. While I am totally a Cam fan, I still think Daniel is the one for our Lucinda Price here. Instead of blaming Daniel for the curse several times over, I kind of wish she would've just had some faith in him. He's technically not a teenager anymore and he's been around infinitely longer than she has, sooo I think he knows what he's doing and all Luce can do is complain about his methods. If someone tries to tell you to stay out of trouble for your own good, it's probably best if you at least try for more than one day to do just that. But it wouldn't be Luce if she listened to someone else's orders.

I loved how caring Luce was. She didn't just forget about Penn, she mourned her. She was constantly thinking about her friends and their safety (though she could've done well thinking about hers a little more too). She thought about her parents and her past lives' families. She truly cared about them.

Which brings us to the whole mystery of her past(s). I was hoping that we would get more answers in TORMENT, but it seems like it was just another build up for the third book, PASSION, where the real discovering is about to take place. The announcers (shadows) are really weird, I never would've thought of them as puddy-like, murky goo that roll out into some projector screen and show you some distant memory from the past. But hey! It works... They were definitely a big part of this whole story.

The love triangle... seems to have become a square. Obviously Daniel is still in this, but add a new character to the mix: Miles. He's a nephilim kid at the new school that Luce opens up to. He's normal. He's way less complicated. And he makes her feel good. But I am completely confused. I thought we had a love triangle between Daniel, Luce, and Cam. But she just seems to despise Cam in this one and he only shows up for about four scenes through out the ENTIRE story. Which totally sucks! Cam is one of the most awesome bad a$$ characters out there! How is there NOT going to be a love triangle with him in it?!

Which is why ultimately TORMENT was just down right confusing to me. Instead of staying in Georgia, and figuring out her past like I was hoping would happen, she goes to another school in another completely different state and makes a whole other set of friends. It was like FALLEN repeating itself only in California instead of Georgia. The only part I got really excited for was the end when we go back to Georgia for Thanksgiving and we even get to see Sword & Cross one more time. Finally some action! And then I ended up getting all upset again when Luce decides to do something without so much as explaining herself or talking to anyone after they've just had this huge dramatic fight in her backyard. She just does it. Without thinking. How very Lucinda... I just want to get to PASSION, the storyline for that one at least goes somewhere.

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