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Entwined by Heather Dixon

EntwinedEntwined by Heather Dixon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All I will say right now is that this book has entwined itself into my heart forever. Wrapped up in a tie with FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK by Mellina Marchetta, ENTWINED by Heather Dixon has become one of two books that are my ultimate favorites.

I will post a better review at a later date. When I can give it the justice it deserves.

Official Review:

I wish I could describe how wonderful and magical this book is. I absolutely could NOT put it down. I did some research on the artist and discovered that she is a story board artist. Which clicked, considering how she wrote ENTWINED. The description and setting is just so... fairy tale like. I adored it. It's such a classic tale that when you combine these well developed characters in such a defined setting with wonderful, fluid elements like Dixon does, it just comes together like... like Mary Poppins pulled it out of her carpet bag herself.

The cover is just gorgeous to start off with. Who wouldn't at least pick it up and read the summary just for that beautiful cover?

Azalea: the lead character and eldest sister of twelve. I related with her the most. I felt like she was compassionate, strong, and intelligent. She was always constantly looking out for her family and I really loved that she knew how to take charge. It was just perfect getting to see the story through her eyes.

The family: was downright adorable as buttons. Bramble reminded me of one of my cousins; feisty and troublesome, but lovable just the same. Clover, Delphinium, and everyone else right down to their newborn sister Lily had their own matching personality. They complimented each of their siblings perfectly. And the King, their father was so developed and complex I was always caught inbetween sides. Do I side with Azalea and her sisters and acknowledge that the King hasn't been a good father since their mother died, or do I side with the father that has just lost his wife and true love and needs time to adjust? It was so well written that I wanted to vouch for each character.

The suitors: I just can't get over Captain Bradford, the Prime Minister, and Sir Teddie. They were all so perfect for their counterparts and just so scintillating in their own rights.

The Keeper: It's obvious from the first moment you open the front cover and read the summary who the villain is. But I thought that he was just complex enough to work. I appreciated the fact that he was double sided, just like the blade of a knife. At one moment you almost feel bad for him, and at the next you think he rose from the very pit of Hell. Just perfect. And not to mention the several parts that I was truly creeped out by him. His spider-like position on the ceiling, his affinity for dark magic, and his cruelty channeled fully towards revenge made him scary not only to the characters but to the reader as well. Which is just... awesome!

Throw all of these into a victorian setting and Dixon's way of capturing a picturesque fairy tale style of writing, and you get ENTWINED. Five stars. Without a doubt one of the best books I've ever read and will ever read. Just amazing.

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