Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

Wolfsbane (Nightshade, #2)Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Officially, I can't really say much until WOLFSBANE's final copy is released in July, but unofficially, I will say that it was quite good.

I'll make this review short and sweet really. There were several things I really despised about this sequel. For one, the constant story-telling without the added demonstration. The first half of the book is really just the Searchers filling everyone in on their history and occasionally discussing how they're going to go about saving Calla's pack. Add in some tension between the Searchers and the Guardians that isn't as sparked as it could have been and you have even more talking. There was only one action sequence, short-lived, right in the middle of all this talking and even that seemed kind of pointless at best. I also didn't like some of the characters' wishy-washiness. Calla couldn't make up her mind about being with Shay and being happy or writhing in guilt over leaving Ren. This is understandable to a degree, but when she drags Shay along, back and forth, through every mood swing, one must wonder if she is really worthy of Shay's love. Personally, I wouldn't mind it if she ended up with Ren, but I would like it if she'd set her mind on something. As Alpha she needs to be stable and stick with her commitments, not just constantly banter back and forth. Loyalties need to be made. And even Shay annoyed me at times with how much testosterone he insisted on injecting into their interactions. He became very territorial over her and a little pushy about their relationship. But near the end I kind of learned to appreciate this. So this was an interesting change of character that still has me reeling.

What I did love about WOLFSBANE? The second half. If the first half was all talk then the second half was pretty much straight to the action, which I appreciated. This is where I really loved Shay and the little plot twists that kept this story moving forward. There is so much going on and I'm so upset that Cremer left us on such a cliffhanger, but at least it'll make me that much more excited for BLOODROSE. Can't wait!

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Ok... I had this post titled as "Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready" for so long now... How embarrassing. Just goes to show you how incredibly busy I was with school at the time. Please forgive my sluggish, studious ways :)

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  1. Umm.. you got the wrong title. lol

    And I absoFREAKINGlutely agree with you! I have never liked the "second" guy, and I always hate it when my best friend decides she likes the other guy. But I adore Ren, he's just PERFECT.
    Someone told me he wasn't so much in this sequel, so I wasn't planning on reading it. But I def want to read even a bit of him & you really made me curious about the second half! :D